Payment / Dispatch


  1. All deliveries are subject to the Specifications in the version as amended upon conclusion of the Agreement. Unless otherwise specified expressly in writing, the responsibility for selecting ordered products and the results intended by the customer, as well as for the interaction of the individual components rests solely with the customer.
  2. Delivery times desired by the customer are only binding if confirmed by us in writing. Apart from that, all agreements regarding the delivery time are subject to the fact that we are served by our sub-suppliers in accordance with the agreed time schedule unless the incorrect or delayed delivery from our supplier(s) is attributable to us.
  3. Delivery dates are to be understood ex works. We are not obliged to transport the goods.
  4. The risk is transferred to the customer when the goods are collected or dispatched.
  5. If the customer desires transport, it will exclusively be performed at his own risk. Delivery at place (DAP) is subject to transport costs of EUR 0.20/kg for transport within the Federal Republic of Germany, and EUR 0.40/kg in European countries.
  6. Upon request and at the expense of the customer, the goods can be insured by the supplier against the risks that can normally occur during transport.
  7. We reserve the right to make partial deliveries unless the customer is obviously not interested in partial deliveries.
  8. Furthermore, we reserve the right to excess or short delivery in weight and/or quality by up to ± 5%.
  9. The Buyer shall be deemed to fall behind schedule if he did not collect/accept the subject of the contract within 14 days after receipt of the completion notice and handing over or sending of the invoice. If the goods are not accepted, the Seller may exercise all rights provided to him by law.


  1. Unless otherwise expressly agreed, the remuneration is calculated based on our net prices ex works which are generally valid on the day when the contract/agreement was concluded.
  2. The customer shall pay the copper price in accordance with the Cu-DEL rating and, in addition, 2% procurement costs and 6.5% processing costs. The customer receives a separate order confirmation at the latest on the subsequent day.
  3. Furthermore, the customer agrees to bear the costs for the coils. They amount to EUR 40.00/pc. for the type K500, EUR 115.00 EUR/pc. for the type VM710, and EUR 200/pc. for the type VM800. In case of return deliveries, the costs for the coils are reimbursed by us at 90% if they are not damaged.
    Break bulk cargo pallets are invoiced with EUR 20.00 and reimbursed at 100% if returned undamaged.
  4. Small order quantities are charged up to 300 kg  with 150 EUR, up to 650 kg with 100 EUR and up to 800 kg with 50 EUR.
  5. In case of continuing obligations, we reserve the right to adapt the agreed prices unless there is no cost increase.
  6. All prices are to be understood excluding the appropriate value-added tax at the statutory rate.
  7. All payments shall be due without deduction within 14 days after invoicing unless a different mode of payment was agreed.
  8. Non-cash payments are only accepted on account of performance and shall only be deemed as payment with irrevocable credit note. All costs resulting from and incurring in conjunction with the collection and encashing shall be borne by the customer.
  9. Without prejudice to any further claims, we are entitled to charge default interest of 9% above the base interest rate and, in addition, dunning costs amounting to EUR 5.00 for each reminder from the company in default from the time of delay in payment. PARTZSCH still retains the right to prove and claim damages of greater magnitude.
  10. If any facts occur raising doubts about the ability or willingness of a customer to pay (e.g. if a cheque or direct debit cannot be cashed, if an extra-judicial debt settlement plan must be established or an application for opening insolvency proceedings against the assets of a customer is made) and in case of delayed payment, we are entitled to retain the performance of deliveries and services until they are paid in full or an appropriate surety is provided. If the customer does not comply with an appropriate request within a reasonable period of time, we are entitled to withdraw from the contract fully or partially, without prejudice to further claims.