Cu-Flachdraht mit Lack
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€150.00 up to 300 Piece(s)
€100.00 from 301 Piece(s) up to 650 Piece(s)
€50.00 from 651 Piece(s) up to 800 Piece(s)

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Standard reels according to EN60264 (IEC 264)
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Rectangular enamelled copper wire. more
Product information "LD"

Rectangular enamelled copper wire.

Geometry: rectangular
Exemplary Application: Electric Motors, Generators, Transformators, Different Applications, Chokes
Conductor Material: Copper, soft according EN 13601
Conductor Material - Dimension Tolerance: according EN 60317
Insulation Options: Enamel Grade 1, Enamel Grade 2
Breakdown Voltage: ≥ 300 V, ≥ 1,000 V, ≥ 2,000 V
Temperature Index: minimum 220 °C
Standard reels according to EN60264 (IEC 264): K500, VM710, VM800
Standard: EN 60317-0-2 (IEC 317-0-2), EN 60317-58 (IEC 317-58)
Test Standard: EN 60851 (IEC 851)


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